Tree removal service

Mulching and chipping

Kiwi Tree Lopping provides a mulching & chipping service to residential and commercial property owners in south-east Queensland. Once we have pruned, thinned, lopped or removed your trees, we feed the timber into our portable chipper to create a wonderful blend of fresh mulch.

Premium organic mulch

Recycling and reusing trees or parts of trees that have been removed or lopped is an excellent way to create a premium organic mulch that gives back to the environment. It’s a very eco-friendly way to manage your property, completing the circle by returning the tree to the soil as a life-bearing mulch.

There are lots of benefits to using mulch on your garden or landscaping, including:

  • Reducing the growth of weeds
  • Helping to retain moisture in the soil
  • Supplying nutrients to the soil and plants
  • Improving the aesthetics of the area
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Safety first mulching and chipping

With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, we are highly conscious of safety at all times, particularly around the wood chipper. When you book one of our tree removal or lopping services let us know if you would like it mulched.  We can either leave it with you to use in your garden or landscaping, or we can take it with us so that others can use this valuable resource.