Tree cutting service


Kiwi Tree Lopping provides a range of tree removal services to property owners in south-east Queensland. However, before you hire one of our professional tree felling services, you need to decide whether you need a council permit. If you do need a permit and don’t get one, you can be fined by the local council.

Complex rules

The rules for what trees you can and can’t remove are different for each council and the regulations can be quite time consuming to read. Some species of trees may be classified as protected, so you can’t remove them at all, unless you live in a bushfire area. Some councils also require permits to prune specific trees, not just for removal, and the size of the tree is also taken into consideration.

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Do you need a tree removal permit?

Your first step is to contact your local council or check for information on their website. Our resident expert arborist Don, can help you locate the appropriate information if you have trouble. In fact, when you call us for a free quote, we will let you know whether you need a permit or not. If you do, then a report from an experienced arborist can help to move matters along.

Below you will find relevant council links about permits (but it’s often easier to phone them):

Redland Bay

Logan City

Gold Coast

Brisbane City

To find out more about our tree cutting service, call Kiwi Tree Lopping on 0422 218 153 for a free quote or to discuss how we can help you prune or remove trees on your property (Redland Bay, Logan City, Brisbane and the Gold Coast).