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Kiwi Tree Lopping is the leading provider of tree-related services to the entirety of Brisbane and surrounds. Our complete offering includes everything from simple tree trimming to whole-scale tree removal as well. Whichever services you need from our highly professional team, we’ll provide it all with no stress, no delay and no hassle.

Just give us a call today and our helpful team will be more than happy to arrange a cost-free and obligation-free quote for your particular residential property or commercial site.

What permits do you need for tree removals in Brisbane?

Tree removal isn’t quite as simple as just ripping up a tree and moving on. The Kiwi Tree Lopping team have extensive experience providing tree removal services for clients across Brisbane, and we’d love to offer the same to you too.

Nonetheless it’s important to understand your local council’s requirements regarding obtaining tree removal permits. While we’re more than happy to help you out in any way we can, ultimately you will need to take responsibility for ensuring the right permits are received before engaging in our tree removal services. Council regulations can often be lengthy, confusing, complex or all of the above, so it’s important to carefully read the permit requirements and contact us for help if needed.

Why do you need a permit from your local council?

Every local council throughout Brisbane and Australia has unique requirements and regulations that govern who needs a permit for tree-related services, especially tree removal. Some councils maintain rules about the types of trees that can be removed, the purpose for tree removal (such as aesthetic or due to there being a hazardous environment), and even the placement of the tree. 

Specific species of tree are protected by conservation laws and cannot be removed for any reason other than for purposes related to bushfire safety or other health/safety reasons.

We always recommend that you check in with your specific council to ensure that you know whether or not you’ll need a permit before spending time, money and energy arranging for removal services.

What if you don’t get a permit?

If you don’t obtain the requisite tree removal permit from the local Brisbane council, you can expect a fine. These fines can range in amount depending on the council and situation, but they can be quite costly. It’s not worth the risk! Plus, the Kiwi Tree Lopping team operates under the strictest of legal, industry and moral guidelines, so we won’t remove any trees from your property without the right permission.

What else needs a permit from a local council?

Kiwi Tree Lopping’s other services, such as pruning, lopping or trimming, may also require you to apply for a permit from your local council. Of course, this depends on the particulars of the job at hand and the regulations of your council.

Some factors that can relate to where an application for a permit is successful is the size of the tree, its location and even the reason for its intended removal. Councils normally review all applications to consider the many factors that relate to the specific project in question. While councils may have different processes and timelines as part of their permit-reviews, they will all communicate the granting or denial of the permit directly to you.

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Getting your tree removal permits

If you want to move ahead with removing a tree from your residential or commercial property, we recommend two different ways of approaching the issue.

1.  Call our professional arborist

Don is not just the founder of Kiwi Tree Lopping but our resident professional arborist as well! Don has extensive experience in all things trees and will be able to help you navigate the confusing world of local council permits. If you need some assistance finding the right information or knowing what steps to take next, give us a call on 0422 218 153.

2.  Contact your council

The quickest way to get all the information you need about tree removal permits in Brisbane is by contacting your local council directly. You can peruse their website to find information independently, or you can give them a call to speak to a service officer. Either way, liaising directly with your council will ensure you get access to the latest and most up-to-date information on the spot and as quickly as possible. 

You’ll find some links below to a variety of Queensland councils in which the Kiwi Tree Lopping team operate. 

Got an emergency? Call us straight away!

If you need emergency tree lopping or other services, make sure to contact our 24/7 emergency line. We’re always available to deal with unexpected events.

Storms, road accidents and other incidents can cause a tree to be at risk of falling and causing damage or injury to people or property. Never leave a hazardous situation unattended to.

Our emergency line operates at all times and on all days throughout the year. You never know when an accident’s about to happen so we make sure our emergency team is on notice at all times.

When you call our team–before we even arrive on your site–we’ll walk you through the particulars of the situation. Our experts will then be able to advise you with the right and safest course of action to best deal with the emergency situation. 

The unique Kiwi Tree Lopping offering

Our services include:

– Tree removal – Tree trimming and pruning – Tree lopping – Selective clearing – Mulching and mulch removal – Stump grinding – Crown reduction or lifts – Storm damage work that is insurance policy compliant

  • We’re the leading, local provider of arborist and tree-related services throughout Brisbane.

  • We don’t just offer tree pruning and lopping: our services include whole stump and ball-root removal, tree health checks and more.

  • Our services are available for both residential, commercial and industrial sites.

  • The KTL team brings unrivalled industry experience and expertise. We know how to provide affordable, reliable and safe tree lopping services.

  • We boast a certified, expert arborist on staff who is happy to provide comprehensive consultations for any client.

  • All of our quotes are completely free and require no obligation upfront.

For more information, contact our team

Whether you need some more help navigating the particulars of your local council’s tree removal permit regulations or want to get started on a no-cost quote, our team is ready to help! We’ll ‘treet’ you like royalty – guaranteed! Contact us today.