Affordable Tree Pruning – Logan

Tree pruning in Logan keeps your trees healthy and structurally sound. So if your trees are damaged, unhealthy or unsafe, Don our expert arborist is ready and willing to help! He’ll visit your site and give you a few options for dealing with the problem, quickly and efficiently. 

Kiwi Tree Lopping is an Australian company providing professional tree removal, lopping and pruning services to residents in Logan. We are fully insured, qualified and very affordable.

Tree pruning in Logan

Professional tree pruning in Logan is important as it helps to maintain the health of your trees. Pruning doesn’t mean the indiscriminate removal of branches from your trees, instead it involves an expert eye to recognise which branches need to be removed. That’s because tree pruning (done correctly) stimulates proper growth, strengthens the tree, makes it healthier and more immune to diseases.

It takes the expertise of a professional arborist to know which branches need to be cut and how many branches need to be removed. It also requires an understanding of where to cut the branch correctly, otherwise you can not only damage the tree, but also reduce its immunity and make it more susceptible to disease. Tree pruning is best performed during winter when the tree is dormant, giving it time to recover from the pruning before the beginning of its spring growth.

Qualified and experienced arborist

With Don, our qualified and highly experienced arborist, you can be sure that your trees are in safe hands. Don inspects your trees and lets you know what’s needed to make them safe, healthy or less of a problem in your yard. He’s an expert arborist and tree surgeon and knows how to prune your trees correctly, so they are not damaged or injured in the process.

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Benefits of tree pruning in Logan

There are many benefits to professional tree pruning in Logan. Whether you have just a single tree or a veritable forest on your property, pruning your trees can improve their appearance, optimise their health and make them grow stronger. 

Appearance of your trees

Tree pruning in Logan can greatly improve the appearance of your trees. That’s because pruning helps to maintain the natural shape and balance of a tree, allowing it to grow correctly. Weak or damaged branches are removed, as are crossed branches that reduce airflow and compete for space. Low growing branches can also be removed, as this encourages a stronger branch structure. The entire structure and appearance of the tree can be enhanced with professional pruning.

Health of your trees

Pruning can be used to remove branches that shade lower branches from sunlight. This is particularly useful when you have a number of trees growing close together, as a lack of sunlight reduces photosynthesis. Over the long term, this can result in reduced or uneven growth and your tree no longer looks healthy. Sometimes, all an unhealthy tree needs is to be pruned correctly, as this reduces the tree’s stress and allows it to regain its health.

Stimulate or suppress growth

Pruning can also be used to stimulate or suppress the growth of your trees. Pruning in winter tends to encourage new spring growth, whilst in summer tends to depress growth. Pruning can also be fairly aggressive to deter growth or sparse to encourage new growth. It all depends on the type of tree and time of year, as well as the reason for the pruning.

Trimming, lopping, pruning. What’s the difference?

Most people use the words trimming, lopping and pruning interchangeably, but in the world of trees, they actually have different meanings. Trimming and tree pruning in Logan are actually the same thing, because they both involve removing branches that are damaged, unsafe or unhealthy. This not only makes the trees safer, but also gives the tree an opportunity to recover its health. 

Lopping, on the other hand, generally refers to the removal of branches to improve its appearance or to stop it blocking light from entering your home. It’s also used to make storm damaged trees safer. You might think that this is just semantics, but there is a difference because trimming or pruning helps to improve the health of the tree, whilst lopping reduces the size of the tree. 

Don, our highly experienced arborist knows everything about pruning and will be able to determine whether your trees need a light touch to make them healthier or a heavier lopping to improve their aesthetics, make them safer or let more light into your home. So you don’t really need to worry about which words you use, as Don makes sure that your trees are lopped, pruned or trimmed as necessary.

Why choose Kiwi Tree Lopping?

Experienced experts

We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and have serviced homes, offices and buildings throughout Queensland. We’re not just skilled at tree lopping and tree trimming, we’re also passionate about nature and dedicated to helping our customers keep their beloved trees healthy and maintained.

Professional arborist

We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and have serviced homes, offices and buildings throughout Queensland. We’re not just skilled at tree lopping and tree trimming, we’re also passionate about nature and dedicated to helping our customers keep their beloved trees healthy and maintained.

Insurance work

We are more than capable of carrying out certified and authorised insurance work on both residential and commercial properties. We work within the outlined occupational health and safety standards according to national regulation and provide high quality services to the standard our insurance partners and customers expect.

Quality assurance and safety

As a premium provider of tree trimming and removal in the Gold Coast, we know the importance of quality work and safety compliance. We don’t cut any corners when we cut trees so you can rest assured you’re receiving top quality and industry-leading work when you choose Kiwi Tree Lopping.

Kiwi Tree Lopping – Expert tree pruning in Logan

Need professional tree pruning in Logan? At Kiwi Tree Lopping, we have nearly two decades of history in the industry, so we have all the experience needed to do a high quality job. All our employees are fully qualified and experienced and with our competitive rates, we guarantee a quality and affordable job, every time.

We are a friendly mob with a good eye for the details, ensuring that everything is completed safely and your yard is clean and tidy when we leave. We are also fully insured, so that’s something else you don’t need to worry about!  

Kiwi Tree Lopping are the experts you need for professional tree pruning in Logan!

If you’re not sure whether your trees need pruning, lopping or removing, just give us a call and we’ll visit the site. Don, our experienced arborist will assess the situation and let you know what’s needed to best achieve your goals. Call us on 0422 218 153 or shoot us an email for a free onsite quote.