Professional & Affordable Tree Trimming – Logan

Kiwi Tree Lopping provides a range of services for residential and commercial properties in Logan. Tree trimming is one of our more popular services, because it helps to keep your trees healthy and safe by removing dead or excess weight and clearing the way for new growth. With more than 25 years in the industry, Kiwi Tree Lopping offers a professional, safe and affordable solution for problem trees.

Tree trimming in Logan

We have an expert team of tree trimmers who are well known around Logan. They can climb the tallest trees and safely trim any branches that are unhealthy, dead or unwieldy. We can also trim storm damaged trees, as well as trees that are too close to your house, fences or power lines. Our resident arborist can help you decide which branches need to be trimmed and which ones should be left alone. Call Kiwi Tree Lopping for expert tree trimming in Logan!

On-site safety is a priority

At Kiwi Tree Lopping, we take on-site safety very seriously. This means that we check and service all our gear regularly, ensuring that all our systems are safe and up to date, and we have an emergency plan ready to go. If we need to use a fall-arrest harness for climbing tall trees, we check these harness prior to climbing and ensure that everyone knows what to do if a rescue is required. Extensive training and experience means that problems rarely occur, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

We also check the site for existing hazards, as well as the weather conditions and the structural integrity of surrounding trees. The stability of the actual tree that needs to be trimmed is also very important, because it might be unsafe to climb, requiring us to take a different approach. The species of tree is also important, because some have branches that are susceptible to failing when under load. Locating overhead power lines and establishing an exclusion zone to the public when we are tree trimming in Logan are all part of maintaining a safe work site.

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Is there an optimal time for tree trimming in Logan?

In general, trees can be trimmed at any time of the year, but unless there is an overpowering reason, it’s often best to do so at the end of winter and before the spring growth. Trimming at this time of the year actually encourages new growth, so if a tree isn’t doing so well, talk to our arborist about a little light trimming to give it a boost. It’s also better to trim deciduous trees in late winter when they have dropped their leaves because it’s easier to see the branches and where they need to be trimmed.

On the other hand, if you want to limit a tree’s growth, because it’s getting out of hand, trimming back the branches during summer is often a good strategy. You must be careful, however, not to take too much off the branches during summer, because this can cause the tree to become stressed and ultimately, unhealthy. Growth following a summer trimming will be less vigorous than during late winter, which might just solve your problem if the tree is taking over your garden.

Why do trees need to be trimmed?

There are a variety of reasons why trees need to be trimmed, from promoting healthy growth to removing damaged branches or eliminating a hazard to power lines. Here are six reasons why you might need to trim the trees on your property.

  1. Dangerous branches: These are branches that are dead, damaged or overweight and likely to fall causing property damage or injuries. They can also be branches that are growing too close to power lines in Logan. Tree trimming ensures that these branches are removed and the tree is made safe.
  2. Diseased trees: If your tree is diseased, then our arborist may be able to save it by trimming off a few of the worst affected branches and suggesting a particular treatment.
  3. Storm damaged trees: Branches that have broken due to excessive winds and lashing rain need to be trimmed back to the trunk to make them safe. Our arborist can inspect your tree and decide which branches need to be removed or trimmed.
  4. Blocked sunlight: If your trees are blocking the natural light entering your home, a light trimming might be the solution. Our arborist can take a look at the tree and decide which branches need to be trimmed to allow the light to flood into your home.
  5. Bush fire season: If you live close to bushland, it pays to make sure that your trees have been trimmed back so that they don’t carry the flames to your house.
  6. Storm season: It pays to be proactive before the storm season starts by trimming the branches of any trees that might be affected by severe winds. Our arborist can inspect your trees and let you know if any of them might become a problem in a storm, so you can decide whether to trim them beforehand and make the area safe.

What are the benefits of trimming trees in Logan?

There are a number of significant benefits to trimming trees on a regular basis in Logan. These include keeping your trees healthy and disease free and encouraging new growth or limiting their growth. Trimming also prevents property damage or injuries, as well as letting more light into your home.

Healthy trees

As a premium provider of tree trimming and removal in the Gold Coast, we know the importance of quality work and safety compliance. We don’t cut any corners when we cut trees so you can rest assured you’re receiving top quality and industry-leading work when you choose Kiwi Tree Lopping.

Controlling new growth

As mentioned previously, trimming your tree in late winter will encourage new growth and in summer will limit this growth. These are easy strategies to control the growth of problem trees in your yard.

Increasing safety

Branches can fall onto roofs, cars or fences and grow towards power lines. Storms can also come through and drop diseased, dead or overweight branches causing injuries and property damage. Regularly trimming trees in Logan helps to increase safety around your property.

Letting in more light

When trees grow too close to your house they can reduce the amount of light entering and making it dark and gloomy. This is a common occurrence when a tree wasn’t expected to grow so tall or wide and can often be rectified by trimming a few branches.

For a team experienced in trimming trees in Logan, call Kiwi Tree Lopping on 0422 218 153 or get a free quote today!