Everything you need to know about tree trimming in Redland Bay

Kiwi Tree Lopping provides an expert tree trimming service in Redland Bay for residential and commercial properties. So if your trees are getting too big, unwieldy and dangerous, it might be time to trim the branches back to make them more manageable.

You might have seen Energex in your street at some time or another, trimming the trees that grow into the overhead power lines. That’s essentially what we do for our customers – trim the branches that are causing a problem, whilst leaving the remainder of the tree to grow naturally. Some of our customers ask us to trim their trees once or twice a year to help keep them in the right shape and growing in the required direction.

What is tree trimming?

Tree trimming in Redland Bay is mainly geared towards aesthetics, but it’s also performed for other reasons as well. These reasons include when a tree becomes overgrown and encroaches on the power lines or telephone cables close to your home or when the branches cast large amounts of shade on your solar panels, even reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your home. We can also trim the branches on your trees to make them look more symmetrical, removing the uneven growth that makes your trees look misshapen and thin out the branches if they are heavily unbalanced.

Tree pruning vs tree trimming in Redland Bay

Whilst tree trimming in Redland Bay is generally performed for aesthetics or because the trees are growing too close to your home, pruning is more geared towards improving the health of the trees. So, for example, we can prune a dead or diseased branch to promote stronger growth in the rest of the tree. If we leave these branches for too long, the rest of the tree can suffer and in the end, the entire tree might need to be removed before it becomes dangerous. With tree pruning, however, we can remove entire branches and ensure that the health of the tree is optimised. We can also thin out canopies and reduce the weight of lateral branches.

Tree lopping vs tree trimming

Tree lopping is mainly performed to reduce the overall size of a tree and isn’t highly recommended. That’s because tree lopping leaves an open wound on the tree that can allow diseases and pests to enter and can often result in the death of the tree. So if you need your tree reduced in size, then we suggest that you talk to our expert arborist who can prune or trim the branches in a way that will leave your tree healthy and looking good.

It’s always better to employ a tree lopping business who have an in-house arborist on their team, because you know they always have the health of the tree as their first priority. If any of the branches need to be reduced in size or removed, then the arborist knows how to achieve the result you want without endangering the health of the tree. On the other hand, employing someone to arbitrarily lop off some of your tree’s branches can have long term negative effects on the tree.

So if you want expert tree pruning or tree trimming in Redland Bay – Give the Kiwi Tree Lopping team a call today!

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Council protected trees in Redland Bay

Redland Bay is a beautiful part of the coastline with a mix of ecosystems that are important to our wildlife. These include small sandy beaches, mangroves, salt marshes and bushland, but also a large number of old veteran trees that are protected by the council (some of these trees are more than 50 years old). These veteran trees provide habitats for possums, reptiles, amphibians and koalas, and keep them safe from predators. Hollows in these trees are vital for many of our arboreal animals that use them as homes and for breeding.

This is why the Redland Bay Council is very protective of these old trees and if you want to remove any of the trees on your property you will likely need their permission to do so. However, permission isn’t required for tree trimming in Redland Bay. This means that we can trim your trees to make them safer, more balanced and to prevent them from encroaching on your power lines, telephone cables and solar panels or from reducing the sunlight entering your home.

Massive, tall, mega trees a speciality!

If you have a mega gum tree on your property that needs trimming because it’s just too big, unwieldy or becoming dangerous, then the team at Kiwi Tree Lopping has the skills to do the job! Our team has the qualifications and experience to scale these mega trees, regardless of their height, and trim them so they are no longer a problem. 

Don’t worry if these trees are close to your house, because we have all the correct safety gear to ensure that nothing endangers your home. Any branches removed from the trees are lowered safely to the ground, ensuring that your property is never in any danger. We can even mulch these branches on the spot and leave the fresh mulch with you to use on your property for your garden beds.

Storm season – Proactive tree trimming in Redland Bay

With March one of the wettest months in the year for Redland Bay, it’s always a good idea to have an arborist check the health of your trees before the start of storm season. In fact, we can get storms at any time of the year in Redland Bay, but most of these storms occur from late October through to March. So asking our experienced arborist to pop around and check the health of your trees during the winter season is a decision that may save you a lot of grief during the next storm.

For more information about our tree trimming services in Redland Bay, call the kiwi Tree Loppers on 0422 218 153 or ask us for a free quote today.

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