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Kiwi Tree Lopping provides a range of services, one of which is stump removal. Gold Coast properties often require one or more stumps to be removed for a variety of reasons and they want a professional and affordable service. That’s where we come in, because Kiwi Tree Lopping has been in the tree lopping business for many years and we know exactly how to approach every job safely. We’ll remove your stump quickly and efficiently!

Cutting a large tree down can be a very difficult decision for homeowners, but sometimes it’s something that just needs to be done. Some trees can be simply too big for a garden and others can be unhealthy and dangerous. However, once you have cut down the tree, you’re left with the stump and the root ball. So what happens to the roots when you cut down a tree?

Well, if there are no leaves left on the tree, the roots generally die very quickly, but they can last a little longer due to nutrients that are already in the system. A problem can occur when sprouts start to grow from the stump or root system, which will keep the roots alive and eventually grow into a new tree. If you’ve cut the tree down because of its invasive roots, this can become a disaster, so removing the entire stump and root system is often the better option compared to leaving it to regrow and becoming an ongoing problem. On the other hand, not all stumps will grow sprouts and if not, then the roots and stump will rot away, but it might not be fast enough for your purposes.

Let’s take a look at the problems of leaving stumps in the ground and why it’s often best to remove them.

What happens if you leave a stump in the ground?

When we remove a stump, we take the entire stump from the ground along with the root system. This leaves a hole in the ground that needs to be filled (the root ball can grow up to 10 times the size of the trunk), however, this is often the best option if you want to build on the site or plant a new garden. Another good reason for stump removal is aesthetics, because after all, tree stumps don’t look very attractive in Gold Coast gardens. They can also become a hazard that can trip people and pets as they walk or run around the stump and they are a pain to mow around. Another problem with leaving a stump to rot is that it can encourage termites, which is not something that a homeowner ever wants to be faced with on their property.

Then of course, many properties require professional landscaping, as this increases their value, so leaving a stump in the ground isn’t an option. Removing a stump is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of a garden and is often used by homeowners to make their property more attractive to buyers. People who love their gardens also prefer old stumps to be removed because they can make better use of the space, particularly if it’s a big stump with a huge root ball.

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Benefits of stump removal on the Gold Coast

There are many benefits of removing a stump from your property, particularly if it’s large or obstructing your building plans. It takes a lot of effort to remove stumps, but it’s definitely worth it to many homeowners. So the main benefits of stump removal for Gold Coast homeowners is that it makes your garden safer for the kids and pets, allows you to build in the area, doesn’t encourage termites and prevents the tree from regrowing (although not all trees will do this). Your garden also looks more attractive and buyers don’t want to be faced with removing a stump themselves.

In short, the benefits of stump removal include the following:

  • Gardens are safer for kids and pets
  • No obstructions to building
  • Termites aren’t encouraged 
  • Prevents the tree from regrowing
  • Landscape looks more attractive
  • Property is more sellable to buyers

How to get rid of stumps and tree root balls

You could decide to use a grinding machine to remove the stump, but this doesn’t actually remove the stump. It simply grinds it down to ground level, leaving the base of the trunk and root ball intact. This approach allows the roots to sprout and regrow the tree, as well as encouraging termites. It’s also not suitable if you want to build on the spot or lay new landscaping, because as it rots a big hole will form that might collapse your landscaping.

Then there’s the option of not bothering with grinding but just letting the stump and root ball rot, but that has many of the same problems as stump grinding with the addition that you have a stump stuck somewhere you don’t want it! The benefits of stump grinding are that it’s not as labour intensive as stump removal and it doesn’t leave you with a big hole. However, as just mentioned, as the stump rots it forms a natural hole anyway. So essentially, the only reason to grind a stump is because it’s not that hard to do using a grinding machine and you’re not bothered about the stump rotting.

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Some people decide to set the stump alight, which given our proclivity for bush fires, isn’t the best idea. It’s not only dangerous, but can be ineffective, leaving you with an even more unsightly stump that still needs to be removed. Another option is to poison the stump, but that’s a dangerous manoeuvre that’s best left alone. The only sensible option for many Gold Coast homeowners who don’t want a stump left in the ground is to have it removed by professionals. That’s unless you want to use your own tractor and have a go, but we’d advise against tying a rope to the bumper of your car or even using the winch on your 4WD. Stump removal is the sort of job that requires skill and knowledge, making sure that the job is done properly and safely for all concerned.

We also offer a range of other Tree services including Tree Mulching Gold Coast & Tree Pruning Gold Coast. Call Kiwi Tree Lopping on 0422 218 153 for a free quote today.

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