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While the name Kiwi Tree Lopping might have you thinking that’s all we do, we offer numerous tree-related services including stump removal. Throughout Logan, our team is called for affordable and reliable removal of trees and/or stumps. Combined with our many years of tree lopping experience and our steadfast dedication to efficient yet safe work, we’ll have your unsightly and dangerous stump removed before you know it.

Getting rid of trees is not always the easiest thing to do but it can be necessary. Whether it’s obstructing your view, causing damage to your property or proving to be dangerous to property and passers-by we can help. Some tree loppers exclusively remove trees and leave the unhealthy stump and root ball behind. With Kiwi Tree Loppers you can rest assured that we’ll take it all away and out of your hair!

Remove the stress with our stump removal Logan services

As part of our comprehensive tree-related services, Kiwi Tree Lopping offers stump removal to all Logan based properties. Whether you need a tree stump taken out as part of local Logan City Council requirements, as the result of a broken tree from storm damage or simply as part of a landscaping re-design, our team of professional and reliable tree loppers will get the job done before you know it. We’ve been chopping, lopping and removing trees and stumps for many years and, armed with an intimate knowledge of the Logan area and council regulations, we’ll know exactly how to help you.

No tree is too large

Sometimes you need to remove a large tree. Unhealthy and damaged trees can pose a danger to passers-by, family members and your home, so it’s important to have a professional arborist–like ours–assess your trees for safety and viability. If you do have to cut down the tree, no matter how big it is, our team will be there to help. Unlike many other tree lopping companies, we won’t leave you with the stump and root ball. Without the tree and leaves above it, the roots beneath the stump are likely to die over time, but this depends on the amount of nutrients it’s already had access to. What does this mean for you? If sprouts begin to grow from the stump you could be facing another tree in the future! You don’t want to be back at square one.

That’s exactly why we offer stump and root system removal to ensure no regrowth and no recurring issues for your property. Even if the stump is unable to grow sprouts, it can often take some time for the roots to die and rot away. Our stump removal services take away the uncertainty and provide you peace of mind sooner rather than later. Of course, you might be wondering what’s the big deal of leaving a stump in the ground after all?

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Why your stump can leave you stumped!

We like to shorten our “stump removal” services to just two words, but in truth we actually remove more than just the stump. We take away the entire root system and all the accompanying roots, and as you can imagine this can leave a sizable hole. After all, the root ball can grow to many, many times the size of the trunk of a tree. This hole will need to be filled in properly to ensure that the area is both safe and usable for you. On the plus side, a newly filled in hole offers a great opportunity for you to landscape a new garden or prepare the ground for further building.

Stumps and roots can present a dangerous hazard. On the one hand it can trip people, pets and other animals. On the other hand it can cause potential damage if the roots continue to grow and push up paving or pavement. Not to mention the possibility of termite mounds popping up around your rotting stump.

Leftover tree stumps can often be an eyesore for you and others in the neighbourhood. We know how important keeping the city of Logan beautiful is to its residents. Removing a stump will help ensure your property looks cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it makes mowing your lawn–which is an essential landscaping job–that much easier without having to painstakingly move around a giant stump.

When you have your tree stump removed it will open up the space for professional landscaping, extend the useability of your property and help you achieve the garden area of your dreams.

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How to know if you need Kiwi Tree Lopping’s stump removal Logan services?

The best way to check whether it’s worth getting your stump removed is to have a member of our team meet you onsite and offer a free, custom quote. We’ll check your stump, root, and property and ensure that you understand what the benefits are to removing the stump and the associated costs.

Some considerations to think about when it comes to stump removal include:

  • Obstructions to building and construction plans.
  • Improve the look of your garden or front and backyard.
  • Increase the value of your property through improved aesthetics.
  • Prevent the gathering of termites on your property.
  • Remove the risk of the tree regrowing.
  • Improve the safety of your garden.
  • Make your landscaping look much better.

Why can’t you just get rid of the stump yourself?

We get this question quite a bit and we understand why. If you have a grinding machine you might be tempted into thinking that you can remove the stump yourself this way. However, grinding machines just allow you to grind down the stump to a lower level. It cannot help removing the base of the trunk in its entirety and won’t even touch the underlying roots and root ball, which are the causes of many of the issues related to leaving a stump. Regrowth, termites and tripping hazards are all still going to be present even if you grind the stump down. There’s also the fact that the stump base, no matter how much you grind, will still be there. So it will affect your use of the space for landscaping, your ability to mow the lawn and chances are it will always be visible.

While grinding might seem both labor and cost saving in the short term, a rotten stump (assuming it does rot and doesn’t simply grow a tree anew) can cause the surrounding ground to collapse and form a natural whole. You’ll either be stuck with a dead, rotting stump or an unusable hole in your garden that you’ll need to fill in.

There are those people who think that lighting the stump on fire will help remove it. Between the immediate danger to your home, surrounding properties, and people, there is also the ever present danger of bushfires. We strongly advise against the ineffective and hazardous tactic.

Poisoning a tree or tree stump might sound easy enough to do but it can be dangerous and harmful and should not be undertaken by anyone but a trained and experienced professional.

Even tying the stump to the back of your four-wheel-drive might sound like an appealing way to deal with unwanted roots, but we strongly suggest you avoid this reckless course of action.

At the end of the day, the best way to remove a stump is to call a specialist stump removalist company.

Call us today for tree services Logan

There’s really just one answer to have your stump removed: call Kiwi Tree Lopping. We draw on our teams many years of skill, knowledge and experience to provide affordable, non-disruptive and effective tree removal services, stump and root ball included. Stay smart, stay safe. Make the right call and call us on 0422 218 153.

We also provide numerous other tree-related services like mulching or pruning; make sure to ask us for your free quote today.

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