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While the name Kiwi Tree Lopping might have you thinking that’s all we do, we offer numerous tree-related services including stump removal. Throughout Redland Bay, our team is called for affordable and reliable removal of trees and/or stumps. Combined with our many years of tree lopping experience and our steadfast dedication to efficient yet safe work, we’ll have your unsightly and dangerous stump removed before you know it.

Getting rid of trees is not always the easiest thing to do but it can be necessary. Whether it’s obstructing your view, causing damage to your property or proving to be dangerous to property and passers-by we can help. Some tree loppers exclusively remove trees and leave the unhealthy stump and root ball behind. With Kiwi Tree Loppers you can rest assured that we’ll take it all away and out of your hair!

Do you need to remove the stump and root?

Dangers of not removing a stump

The Kiwi Tree Loppers team takes stump removal seriously and we don’t rest until the entire root ball and all of its connected roots are removed as well. Bearing in mind that a root ball can grow to be up to 10 times the size of the stump, there is some serious potential for damage if not removed properly. Done professionally, the hole left by the stump and root can be filled and utilised for a new garden or preferred plants.

Most people don’t want the stump and root of a lopped tree left for aesthetic reasons or they want to free up more space in their garden. Even for those homeowners who don’t mind leaving the roots it’s important to realise that if the roots still contain nutrients they could start sprouting and growing all over again. Additionally, leaving the root ball underground with roots can encourage continued damage as the roots expand, if they’re not actually dead. If the stump and roots are dead they can rot away and collapse the ground around it. To prevent any ongoing problems we always recommend getting trees removed, trunk, stump, root and all!

Stumps and remaining roots can also be a hazard to people and pets in your own household as well as others passing by (depending on where it’s located). Rotting stumps attract termites as well, a problem no one wants to have to deal with.

Property owners throughout the Redland Bay, like everywhere else, are understandably interested in ensuring the value of their property increases rather than decreases. Not only does removing a stump make the entire garden look better and more attractive to any potential buyers, but it also minimises the likelihood of further damage to the property or grow-back.

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Benefits of Removing a Stump

It might seem like a lot of effort getting a stump removed, but it doesn’t have to be – not with Kiwi Tree Lopping at least!

While it may be a larger upfront cost now, it could save you a lot of hassle and money down the line. Some of the benefits of removing a tree stump include

  • Make sure your garden is safer for your children, visitors, pets and general public passing by.
  • Ensure no obstructions or obstacles to your property for both entry/exit and for everyday activities like children playing or mowing the lawn.
  • A removed stump and root ball can’t grow back and cause more damage down the line!
  • Avoid attracting termites and other unwanted pests
  • Increase the value and attractiveness of your property.
  • Enhance the appearance of your property visually.
  • Free up more space in your garden to allow you to do additional landscaping or just enjoy the extra area.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the problem is solved once and for all

Professional Stump Removal vs DIY

If you’re thinking about grabbing the old grinding machine and getting rid of the stump yourself, you’re not alone! We get a lot of calls from homeowners in Redland Bay who have tried to do exactly that. Remember: the most you can possibly grind down a stump is to the ground, and the roots and base of the trunk won’t even be touched. You could try digging the below-surface part out with a shovel, but we strongly recommend that you consider just how big root balls can grow (many, many times the size of the actual stump).

Other enthusiasts try burning the stump. In addition to being dangerous, this method is ineffective and in a best case scenario will simply leave you with an uglier stump that still needs to be removed. Poisoning the stump, especially with children and pets around, is a dangerous thing to do and should never be attempted. Also, please don’t try tying a rope around the stump and ripping it out off the back of your four-wheel-drive. It’s not going to end well either!

To avoid causing damage and doing a bad job by leaving rotting, ruined stumps for termites to munch on or lumping yourself with a collapsing hole in your garden, it’s always smarter to rely on the trained and qualified experts. Our tree loppers will remove the entire stump and root ball, gifting you with a usable and unspoiled section of your property to do with as you wish. Not to mention that we have a professional arborist on our team who regularly conducts tree and property reviews as part of our stump removal Redland Bay based service.

If you’re going to get a job done, might as well ensure it’s done properly – with us!

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