Saving money with tree removal in Brisbane

While our prices for tree removal in Brisbane are very affordable, no-one wants to spend more money than they need. At Kiwi Tree Lopping, we know that our customers have thought long and hard before they call us in to remove a tree. So if we can help them save even more money then we know they will be delighted.

Hazardous Trees

This brings us to the topic of hazardous trees, because if they aren’t removed in time, they can cost you much more than the price of a simple removal. If it’s too close to the house, fence or other buildings and it falls over in a storm, it can cause a significant amount of damage. Of course, people and pets can also be injured by a falling tree, so knowing how to recognise a hazardous tree is important.

What is a hazardous tree?

A hazardous tree has the potential to cause damage to property or injuries to people and animals. Structural problems can lead to the loss of one or more branches and even the entire tree may fall over. Recognising when a tree becomes hazardous is an important step in knowing when tree removal in Brisbane has now become the safest option.

When tree removal in Brisbane becomes the best option

Tree removal in Brisbane is usually the safest option for hazardous trees. There are three factors that can indicate that this is the best course of action: its age, species and location.

How old is your tree?

The older the tree, the more susceptible it is to decay and disease, both of which can jeopardise the tree’s structure. Many older trees, including Eucalyptus, are susceptible to Heart Rot that if left untreated can cause them to topple over.

What’s the species of your tree?

Eucalyptus trees are one of the most common trees in Australia but their shallow root systems make them likely to fall over, particularly when a period of drought is followed by a flood. If they’re also inundated with pests, then the combination makes them even more susceptible to toppling over.

Where is the tree located?

Trees located in saturated or shallow ground or where there’s little protection from storms and high winds are more likely to topple over. If these trees are near your Brisbane home, then tree removal is often the best option.

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How to assess the risks

A tree only becomes a hazard when either the entire tree or one of its branches has the potential to damage property or cause injuries. To assess the state of your tree, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it appear healthy or has one or more branches already broken or fallen?
  • Are there any wide cracks in the trunk or branches?
  • Are the branches starting to interfere with power lines?
  • Are the roots causing concrete paths or foundations to crack?
  • Is the tree leaning over to one side?
  • Is the tree’s location a liability?

If any of the above scenarios applies to your trees, then it’s best to ask our arborist for an inspection.

Affordable and safe tree removal in Brisbane

If you believe that one or more of your trees is a hazard, then our experienced arborist can advise you if it needs to be removed. Sometimes all you need is to relocate the tree or give it an expert pruning to solve the problem, along with regular annual inspections. Call Kiwi Tree Lopping on 0422 218 153 today.

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