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When you need expert advice on tree trimming or tree removal at your Gold Coast property, you need to call the specialists at Kiwi Tree Lopping. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you make the right decision about your trees.

With an experienced arborist on our team, we know how to handle unhealthy, damaged or dead trees, whether they are just a few meters tall or 50m high monsters. The height of the tree isn’t a problem because we have cherry pickers that can reach the lower trees or we can scale the heights of your tree to remove it safely. We’ll safely remove your trees, so you can make better use of the space!

How can we help you?

No job is too big or too small for the expert team at Kiwi Tree Lopping on the Gold Coast. We have a range of excellent services that will cover all your tree requirements, including tree removal:

  • Removal of dead, damaged or unhealthy trees
  • Tree lopping & trimming
  • Stump grinding or removal
  • Crown lifts or reduction
  • Insurance work
  • Selective clearing
  • Mulching

If you’re not sure whether your tree needs to be removed or not, our arborist gold coast team can help you make the best decision for your needs. Don (our arborist) will quickly assess the problem and give you a few different options on how to resolve the problem. Removal may be one of the options, but lopping, trimming, crown removal or a crown lift may also be realistic choices. Not forgetting that unhealthy trees can often be brought back to life with the right type of care. Don will give you all the facts, so you can make an informed decision. We are experts in tree removal & stump removals!

If you decide on tree removal as the best option, then we can also remove or grind the stumps as well. We can also leave the mulch behind for you to use on your gardens or take it away with us when we leave. We even clean up after ourselves, so that your property looks awesome when the job’s finished!

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When is tree removal the best option on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast has some of the best trees in South-East Queensland, but sometimes they need to be removed. Here are five instances when you might consider removing one or more of the trees on your property.

  1. Obstructed sunlight: If the trees on your property are obstructing sunlight, then it might be time to either remove them or lop them. It’s great that your trees provide shade to your home during the hot summer months, but if they grow too big they can sometimes make the inside of your home too dark. Don, our arborist, can help you decide whether lopping will be sufficient to brighten the inside of your home or whether tree removal is the best option for your Gold Coast property.
  2. Blocked pipes: One of the most frequent reasons for removing a tree is that the roots have grown around your home’s fresh water, stormwater or sewage pipes, often causing the pipes to crack and leak. Damage due to tree roots can be easily rectified, but if you don’t remove the offending tree it will just happen again in a few years. In these cases, tree removal is the often best option.
  3. Dead or damaged trees: Dead or damaged trees will eventually lose their structural integrity and either fall over or be blown over by heavy winds or severe storms. If you have an extensive property then a fallen tree might not cause any damage, but if it’s close to your home it can wreak havoc. Damage to houses, sheds, fences, cars, and even people or wildlife is possible when a tree or large branch falls to the ground. So if any of your trees are dead or damaged, it’s a good idea to ask our arborist for his opinion on the best plan of attack.
  4. Nearby power lines: If your tree is growing close to the power lines, then at the very least it needs to be lopped. That’s why you see the Gold Coast council workers regularly lopping trees that grow too close to the power lines. There’s also the option of removing the tree completely, particularly if it’s fast growing and needs very regular attention. 
  5. Leaning trees: Some trees seem to grow at a slant which over time can become worse, simply because the tree becomes top-heavy. If any of your trees are leaning to one side, it’s best to ask Don, our arborist to check it out, just in case it’s leaning over too far and likely to fall in high winds or storms.

Does tree removal require council approval on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast Council is committed to protecting the biodiversity and ecological values of the area, so it wants to protect both trees and vegetation on private land. The council will allow you to remove trees from your property if they are too close to the boundary, buildings or pool fence. This permission does need to meet specific requirements, however, relating to the distance from the boundary, buildings or pool fence and also the size of the property. 

If you believe that one of your trees is dangerous, however, you will need to apply to the council for it to be assessed. On the other hand, if the tree has become dangerous due to storm damage, the council allows our arborist to make the area safe. Don will take photos of the damaged tree and submit them to the council prior to removing the tree. Some trees can be removed without obtaining a permit and that’s despite the size of your land or closeness to boundaries, buildings or pool fences. That’s because they are considered to be pest trees. These include Cocos Palms, Umbrella Trees, Coral Trees, Cadaghi and Slash Pines.

You can check out all the requirements for tree removal on the Gold Coast Council website, but Don, our arborist, always keeps himself up to date with these requirements. You can also check out our stump grinding gold coast services.

So give Kiwi Tree Lopping a call on 0422 218 153 and we’ll come around and give you a free quote for tree removal on your property.

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