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If you have a problem the size of a tree, Kiwi Tree Lopping is the one number you need to know. 

With almost three decades of experience, we’re the premier authority on all things tree trimming, tree cutting and tree removal in Logan. Our reliable team will know exactly what to do about your tree problem from root to branch, and everything in between.

No job too big or tree too tall

Tree lopping is such a part of what we do we put it in our name! Whether you’re looking for the right solution to a damaged or unhealthy tree, or simply need to get a tree out of the ground and out of your hair, our team is just a phone call away.

No matter how tall your tree (we’ve removed trees higher than 50m!) or how small, our chainsaws and cherry pickers are at the ready and at your service. Most importantly, whether we’re pulling a small tree out of the ground or scaling up a grand ol’ tree, we’ll do it safely and responsibly.

Our services

Sure, we’re the local Logan experts in all things tree removal, but our services’ roots extend much further than that. Our excellent tree-related services include:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree lopping
  • Removal of dead trees or stumps
  • Removal or unhealthy and damaged trees
  • Stump grinding
  • Crown reduction and crown lifts
  • Clearing
  • Mulching
  • Insurance-compatible services

Does your tree need the boot?

Not every tree needs to be lopped and removed. Every situation is different, which is why our local Logan team–headed by Don our arborist–offer onsite inspections to ensure you’re presented with numerous customised options. Whether you want to salvage the remains of a dying tree, rejuvenate a damaged one, or are ready to get rid of a hindering tree, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice.

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Tree removal to remove your worries

Our tree removal services are comprehensive and include everything, including the stumps, if you so wish. Though, that’s not the end of it. We also provide mulch after the job, if desired, for use in your backyard or garden. Removing a tree might not always be the preferred option but it can often be the necessary one.

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Damaged trees can be dangerous

A damaged tree becomes weaker and weaker over time. With severe enough storms and strong enough wind, a damaged tree can be blown over and cause even more damage to houses, cars, property, wildlife and even people. Heavy falling branches can also pose a significant danger to both people and property. While some dead trees can indeed last for years without losing their strength, it can be difficult to know if this is the case, so it’s best to call out Don to have a look.

Interference with power lines

Above ground power lines need to be kept clear of over-growing trees and branches. If your tree is encroaching on power lines, chances are the local Logan city council will have its workers tend to it. Some trees however can pose ongoing threats due to their size and capacity to grow quickly. In these cases, a simple lopping job may not be sufficient.

Prevent sunlight

Trees are great at providing shade and shelter against the sun, but sometimes there can be too much shade. If there’s a tree on your property that’s getting in the way of your sunlight, have Don come over to assess what sort of lopping or removing services would be suitable for your home. You’d be surprised just how much sun a giant, unkempt tree can block.

Blocked pipes

Amongst the most common reasons for tree removal in Logan is damage to sewage or water pipes. As the roots of a tree grow around a pipe, the pipe can become blocked, cracked or damaged. While the issue can be repaired for the short term, it’s likely that the roots will simply grow back over time. We’d be happy to come out and inspect your property and provide a thorough assessment of whether tree removal is or is not the right option.

Ruin paving

Another common type of mischief tree roots can get up to is the lifting and cracking of paving, stone paths and other ground works. Over time, thick roots can be deceptively damaging. While they can be cut back and the paving fixed, you’re likely to face the same problem again down the track.

Leaning trees

Even a healthy and growing tree that’s leaning too far to one side can be a potentially dangerous hazard. Strong gusts of wind and wild storms can threaten to topple a leaning tree and cause extensive damage to homes and properties, and people. If you have got a leaning tree on your property, get it checked out today: after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tree removal in Logan

According to the Logan City Council, trees make up a very important asset to the community and offer numerous benefits environmentally and socially. 

Before ordering a tree to be removed or lopped a request must be lodged with the council supported by a qualified arborist, such as our very own Don. 

The outcome of the request is determined by the Council’s Trees Team and all relevant stakeholders are notified accordingly. If the removal or request is not granted the reasons will be provided and a record of the decision archived by the Council.

In most cases, the council will permit tree removal if the tree is encroaching in your property or threatening to cause harm or damage. 

In cases of storm damage and the like, our arborist is qualified to come and ensure that your property is safe before the process of requesting removal is undertaken. In certain instances, trees can be removed without receiving council approval, but our team will be able to determine that upon onsite inspection. 

Before going ahead and lopping or removing any tree, make sure to check with the Logan City Council or give Don a call.  

Leaf the rest with us

Don’t worry, our tree removal and tree lopping services are a lot better than our puns. If you want to get a free quote for removing your trees, or have any other work done, get in touch with us today.

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