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Kiwi Tree Lopping provides a comprehensive range of tree-related services to our clients throughout Redland Bay, including end-to-end and no-hassle tree removal as well. Nothing’s easier than picking up the phone to our helpful and friendly team to get an obligation and cost free quote for tree-related services on your residential or commercial property.

Understanding tree removal permits – Redland Bay

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple when it comes to tree removal. While we’re ready and raring to go and happy to help all of our property owning clients throughout south-east Queensland, Redland Bay included, with their tree removing needs, it’s important to understand the requirements of council permits.

Local council permits

Local councils throughout Queensland and Australia have specific regulations surrounding which trees can be removed, which can’t be removed and which require a permit. Before you spend your invaluable time hiring our team of tree removal specialists, it’s important that you decide whether or not you’re going to need a council permit.

Risking a fine

If you decide not to get a permit when you actually need one and go ahead with removing a tree from your property you can be fined by your local council. That’s why it’s worth double checking before engaging our team to see what sort of permit–if any–you’re going to need.

Rules for tree removal permits in Redland Bay

If the local council’s rules seem quite complex it’s probably because they are.

There are rules, determined by each council, about which trees can and can’t be removed. These regulations can be quite lengthy and time consuming to read, let alone understand.

Why do you need a permit?

There could be a whole variety of reasons why a permit may be necessary for removing a tree. It might be because the particular species of tree in question has been classified as protected. In this instance the tree cannot be removed at all with the significant exception of removal by those living in a bushfire area.

Of course, classified species is just one of the many reasons why a local council may require you to apply for a permit.

Do you need a permit for anything else?

If you’re looking to get your trees pruned or lopped, rather than completely removed, you may need to get a permit in any case–though this depends on your particular council.

When it comes to tree-related services, the size of the tree and its location are also factors that may determine whether or not a council requires (and grants) a permit for work to be done. Normally, the council will review permit applications and take all of the different factors into consideration before either granting or denying that permit.

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Determining whether you need a tree removal permit

There are two ways to go about determining whether work you want done on your tree, including tree removal, is going to require a permit.

Contact your local council

Following this link to the Redland Bay’s local council website will help you find the necessary information on tree removal permits. The information on the website will be the most current and updated regulation that is available, so it’s worth checking there to start off.

Contact our expert arborist

Have you met Don? He’s not only a founder of Kiwi Tree Lopping, he’s also our expert and resident arborist. Don can help you find the right information that’s relevant to your particular situation, if you need help.

Free quote

When you contact Don, he and the team will be able to provide you not just with a free quote so you know how much the job is going to cost, but also with an idea about whether you’ll need a permit or not!

Local council links

Below you’ll find some more council links for some of the other areas serviced by the team at Kiwi Tree Lopping.

Emergency tree lopping service

Emergencies do happen. If you think a tree on your property has been damaged by a storm, accident or other incident and is at risk of falling and potentially damaging property or injuring people, make sure to call our 24/7 emergency line: 0422 218 153.

This line is available at any time of the day or night, seven days a week – because we know that accidents don’t just occur between 9 and 5.

While we’re talking to you on the phone, we’ll be able to use our expert knowledge of tree removal permit regulation and our familiarity with your local area to determine the best course of action for dealing with your emergency tree issue.

Why use Kiwi Tree Lopping?

  • We provide premium arborist services.
  • Our comprehensive tree removal, trimming and lopping services are affordable and competitively priced.
  • We can work on residential or commercial properties.
  • We’re a team of locals and have completed many projects across the Redland Bay and surrounding area.
  • Our team boasts an unrivalled level of cumulated industry experience, plus Don is a certified, experienced and expert arborist.
  • We’ll provide you with a completely cost free and no obligation quote.

Our services

  • Storm damage & insurance work
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  • Tree lopping
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