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If the trees on your property are becoming a problem, you need to call Kiwi Tree Lopping because we’re the experts in tree removal in Redland Bay. It doesn’t matter whether you have a monster tree that needs to be removed or a few small palms, we have the expertise and know-how to do a perfect job every time.

Our prices are very reasonable and we have Don, our resident arborist, who can help you decide whether your trees need to be removed, lopped or trimmed, maybe even in need of remedial treatment to help ring them back to health. With more than 25 years in the trade, you can rely on Kiwi Tree Lopping to give you the very best advice and superior service on every job.

Redland Bay Council rules for tree removal

Redland Bay is a beautiful area of Brisbane with a glorious coastline, lots of sandy bays, plenty of mangroves, wetlands and bushland. The area also has a lot of veteran trees that play an important part in wildlife conservation, providing an abundance of natural hollows for birds, reptiles, possums, koalas and amphibians. These hollows offer a variety of breeding habitats for our wildlife, keeping them safe from predators.

All of this means that the Redland Bay Council likes to protect as many trees as possible (particularly dead standing trees), so you might need to obtain their permission to remove your trees. Don, our expert arborist, knows all about these regulations and will be able to tell you what you need to know.

However, if you don’t want to remove your trees, but instead just give them a bit of a trim, then there’s no problem. Redland Council lets us lop off unsafe limbs, lift crowns and perform remedial or selective pruning as necessary, as long as the trees aren’t removed.

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Why opt for tree removal in Redland Bay?

Even though you might love your trees, they can sometimes cause problems for homeowners and need to be removed. Not all of these issues require the trees to be removed, however, as often all is needed is a few branches to be lopped and a tidy up, rather than a total removal. Here are six reasons why you might need our tree removal services in Redland Bay.

Storm damaged trees

Some of the storms we have in Redland Bay can be really fierce with huge winds that can cause significant damage to old or unhealthy trees. Branches can be broken and trees can be toppled, resulting in damage to cars, houses, people and fences or blocking roads or driveways. These damaged trees need to be made safe, either by removing the broken limbs, lopping off more branches that could become dangerous or removing the entire tree.

Don, our expert arborist, will know the best course of action to take for your storm damaged trees. Sometimes we need to make the area safe until you check with council, particularly if it’s a protected tree. Other times we can go ahead and perform whatever is required straightaway, but it’s up to our trusty arborist to point us in the right direction. Whether we need to talk to the council or not, we’ll secure the tree and make sure that it doesn’t cause any more damage, so you don’t need to worry.

Broken underground pipes

One of the biggest problems caused by trees on private property is broken pipes, whether these are your mains water pipes or stormwater drains. That’s because a tree’s roots can grow to cover a large area and just because you might have trees well away from the house, this doesn’t mean that their roots can’t still cause problems with your pipes. These roots grow down to the pipes, particularly if they are already leaking slightly (because they are hunting for the moisture), wrap themselves around the pipes, and lead to more breakages and blockages.

You can dig down to repair the pipes, but if you don’t do something about the trees it will just happen again. Kicking this particular problem down the road will only come back to bite you in a few years, so it’s best if you talk to our arborist, Don, who can steer you in the right direction and solve your problem permanently. Tree removal might well be the solution that’s best for your Redland Bay property when tree roots are damaging your underground pipes.

Reduced sunlight indoors

Often you don’t realise that some trees can turn into monsters that severely restrict sunlight from entering your home. If this is a problem for your family, then Don, our expert arborist, can come over and let you know how to fix the problem. All that’s usually required is that a few branches need to be lopped, but occasionally, a tree is just too close to the house and needs to be removed.

Power lines are in jeopardy

When your power lines are becoming obstructed by tree branches, it’s time to do something about it. Redland Bay council workers will periodically come around to lop the offending branches if they are on council land, however trees on your land can also be a problem. Don, our expert arborist, will take a look at your problem and let you know how to best fix your problem.

Broken patios or driveways

Tree roots can also grow underneath your patio or driveway, lifting pavers and even breaking concrete. Just as with trees that are causing problems with underground pipes, tree removal is often the best solution in Redland Bay. This allows you to repair your patio or fix your driveway without worrying that it’s going to happen again.

Unhealthy trees

Some trees are just old and unhealthy, often leaning over to the side because they are losing their structural integrity. You can lop off some of the branches to reduce the weight on the truck, but sometimes tree removal is the best option for these trees in Redland Bay. Our arborist will be able to make the right decision for your trees, so you don’t need to worry about them anymore.

Redland Tree Services – Call us for a free quote!

If you need help with tree removal in Redland Bay, just give Kiwi Tree Lopping a call on 0422 218 153 and we’ll give a free quote ASAP! Be sure to check out our tree trimming service for all your tree trimming needs.

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